In addition to castor oil and traditional derivatives of castor oil, Innoleo’s product offering will evolve to include natural polyols, fatty acids, alcohols, and esters, bis‑amides, and other specialties, all derived from bio-based renewable resources.

Trade Name Chemistry
Innoleo® FSG first special grade/ #1 castor oil
Innoleo NCO neutralized castor oil
Innoleo PPCO pale pressed castor oil
Innoleo COUSP castor oil, USP grade
Innoleo HCO hydrogenated castor oil
Innoleo 12HSA 12-hydroxy stearic acid
Innoleo C18-70K stearic acid, 70%
Innoleate® HMR methyl 12-hydroxy stearate
Innolamide™ NS n,n ethylene bis 12-hydroxy stearamide
Innoleo SA  sebacic acid
Innoleate DMS dimethyl sebacate
Innoleate DBS dibutyl sebacate
Innoleo RA ricinoleic acid
Innoleate RA-Na sodium ricinoleate
Innoleate MR methyl ricinoleate
Polymers of RA
     Innoleate PRA-30
     Innoleate PRA-50

Polyricinoleate ester
Polyricinoleate ester

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